Parenting Order Disputes

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Even after the long process of parenting order or agreements has been completed, some parents will still have disagreements about family matters, parenting time or individual conflicts which arise. It may be something which your children have raised or something which you have observed.

If the other parent is not willing to discuss the issue, or you can’t reach an agreement, it can be beneficial to engage the services of an independent person to help you. This way you can keep in check the smaller disputes so they do not escalate and potentially require you to reach a new agreement or go back to court. Some common issues which arise are:

  • Travel plans
  • Flexibility with time or days for children
  • Unexpected costs arising from child-rearing
  • Communication
  • Breach of parenting orders

Coaching parents who have disputes after parenting agreements is different from mediation in that it’s informal and more directive. It will help each of you understand orders or terms of agreements in practicality, and how they may impact your children if not being adhered to. We offer suggestions on solutions by exploring various options which will work for your unique separated family dynamic.

We always encourage parents to adhere to any existing court orders unless you wish to make a new agreement and have it formally filed at the court (if applicable) so it can become binding.

This is an impartial process and designed to help you, the parents, work through the issue so you can focus on the children, your work and individual lives.

We offer a reasonable fixed cost fee, so it won’t break the bank. Sessions can be conducted online from anywhere in Australia, or face to face in one of our Sydney offices.

Take the stress out of your parenting order disputes and make contact with Jasmin Newman today via the contact form.