Parenting After Separation Course

Jasmin Newman is the author and trainer of Australia’s only online Parenting After Separation Course. Now you can study conveniently in your own home and in your own time.

Cooperative co-parenting is one term used for child-focused parenting after separation. It demonstrates to the child that their parents love them equally, even though the relationship dynamic and living situation has now changed.

It almost seems impossible to believe that you can fall out of love with a person and still maintain an amicable relationship with them.  With a child-centred focus in parenting after your separation, the most effective method is to focus on the love for the child.  And with some effort on both sides, you will find that you can maintain an amicable relationship between you and your former partner.

This course is for parents who are genuinely dedicated to navigating positive co-parenting outcomes. It is designed as a self-guiding method to encourage positive outcomes for you and your children and may be used as a foundation to enter into your mediation agreements should you require them.

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Parenting After Separartion