The Non-Negotiable Coparent

Posted on January 6, 2021 by Jasmin. Categories: Family Law.

A frequent complaint of parents who consult with me regarding their post-separation parenting is the other parent’s inability to negotiate. On literally anything!  Disputes over parenting time, travelling with children, or child-related expenses are among the more common issues complained of. What should (and could) be simple matters of ‘give and take’ are unachievable for […]

Parenting Coordination - Jasmin Newman Mediation

Parenting Coordination – a new approach to minimising parent conflict

Posted on July 26, 2020 by Jasmin. Categories: Family Law.

Conflict is present at the time of relationship breakdown and often continues to escalate during the separation and divorce period. When families turn to the court process, the extended nature of family disputes can mean this conflict can become deeply entrenched and difficult to overcome. Eventually, when agreements are reached or orders are made, it […]

The Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves Before Mediation

Preparing for family mediation can sometimes be a daunting task. What you are going through is tough and we understand that sometimes there is stress and heightened emotions which can make it difficult to think clearly. As mediators, we take on the role of facilitating the conversation between you, the parents. You are the best […]

Co-parenting in a Crisis

Posted on March 13, 2020 by Jasmin. Categories: Family Law.

During times of crisis, we tend to react from a base of fear. However, we all react or respond to fear in slightly different ways. And that’s okay. The important thing in co-parenting during this time is that you recognise there is more than one way to get through this. It’s also likely that you may […]

The Leaver and the Left

There is a concept in separation and divorce in which there is often a disparity between where each party are emotionally in relation to the separation. While some couples come to the decision together, in many cases one party has already made the decision to leave long before they’ve told the other. They are referred […]

Co-parenting at Christmas: What your children really want you to know

Christmas and birthdays are the most important days in a child’s calendar. When you are little, a rotation around the sun takes ‘like’ FOREVER! Just ask any 5-year-old. You’re a parent. I’m sure this isn’t news to you. Many families have an agreement for alternating years with each parent for Christmas Day. For those who […]

Activities for engaging your children online

Often the non-resident parent (be that for a week, or extended period) will report having difficulty in engaging children online. Phone calls, Skype and Facetime are all wonderful ways to interact. But how do you keep them interested? Firstly, I think it’s important to acknowledge that online engagement can be both necessary and sometimes the […]

Post-Separation Friendships

Post-Separation Friendships – the path to achieving the unthinkable.

Post-separation friendships are becoming more common. All too frequently though, they are met with disbelief or a level of scepticism – ‘this would never work for me’. Maybe it wouldn’t but it likely could have. Perhaps the most dominant myth is that if you could be friends after separation, you could have stayed together. The […]

Thoughts, Processing fears

The Struggle of Parallel Parenting

The struggle of parallel parenting is real! Parallel parenting is the term given to a style of parenting that is adopted by some parents, most frequently when there is a high level of conflict and a low level of communication. What it means in practical terms is that each of you will parent differently.

False Allegations and Family Law Reform

Critics of the inquiry are questioning if false allegations are a genuine problem. There seems to be a fear that if we discuss the issue that somehow parents in family court will not feel confident to speak up about their experiences. I don’t foresee that there will be any consequences on the individuals, rather what will come from this inquiry is an awareness, data and hopefully an improved system. These are uncomfortable conversations, but they are vital if we are to have a fair and just process.