Sydney Family Mediation Services


Separation and divorce is a difficult and confusing time. There are major decisions to be made, and each of you, and your children are navigating an emotional and challenging time in your lives.

In order to avoid the costly family law system, it’s important you don’t rush decisions and to think through what these decisions may look like in 6 months, or 6 years time.

How will your children feel about the choices you made? 

Keeping perspective on this can be challenging when you have so many other urgent daily items to consider.

What we know through research is that children do better after separation when their parents can show a united front. Children have the best outcomes when mum and dad can parent together, while living apart. 

“Children derive sustenance from being loved, nurtured and involved in both their parents lives ”

We provide a range of services to assist you as you navigate this period of your life.

Parenting After Separation Course – delivered online for your convenience and Breaking The Cycle of Conflict Course